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Avoid These Key Things When You Are Attacked By Armed Robbers. (Opinion).

Armed robbery is rampant these days in our Communities and it keeps on increasing day by day even in the villages which most people have attributed it to hardship in our localities and the country as a whole.

But these Robbers have their motives of robbing people whether we leave in hardship or not and they are never satisfied with the items they often take from people.

Because of their curiosity to rob anybody whether rich or poor, remember that your life is more important than what you have.

Below are some of the key things you should never do whenever you are Attack by armed robbers.

1. Do not try to look at their faces. Armed robbers do not want you to recognize them anywhere after a robbery incident and for that matter, if you try to look at their faces, they are likely to kill you.

2. Do not mention the name of any armed robber if you Know them. Never make a mistake by mentioning the name of any armed robber at the point of robbery even if the person is your relative. He or she feels that you will expose him/her and would kill you instantly.

3. Do not try to prevent them from taking your belongings. Try and spare your own life by not trying to prevent them from taking what you have. Remember that your life is much more precious than gold.

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