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Throwback: The Worst Mistake I Made In My Life Was To Abandon My Children And Go After Another Woman

A moment captured on the Delay show resurfaced on the web yesterday after people got to know how important it was. A life lesson had to be learnt from such a painful moment and therefore, the circulation of this video had to be done. People had to make sure it reached all corners of the internet so as to ensure no repetition of this sad moment in the life of any man.

Psalm Adjeteyfio of the Taxi Driver fame was interviewed by the famous Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly know as Delay on her prestigious. This incident happened many years ago but yesterday saw it resurfacing on the internet. I just want you to learn something very important from it. The show was going on very well till a moment came up which filled the room with pure emotions.

The course of the interview saw him speak from his heart as he emphasized on a mistake he made in his life at a certain point. He just couldn't hold his tears as he embraced them running on his face coupled with numerous sobs. 

This man had to tell Ghanaians a mistake most men do right after getting to bring children into the world. They abandon the kids and move ahead to date other women, forgetting that their kids will need them during their course of life.

He claimed he had to waste all his time following another woman which he described as a "demon". For a man to call another fellow human a demon shows the harm he got himself into whiles with that other human. He claims he never even sent his kids money just because he had been blinded by the "demon" of a woman. A woman had made him forget he had a real family elsewhere and had stripped him off his love.

Indeed, the downfall of a man can be attributed to the little steps he takes today. Now that he is not all that stable, it is his children who are taking care of him. The people he chased are nowhere to be found but the family he abandoned rather showed up.

I just want to tell the men reading this never to abandon their kids. Once you bring a kid into the world, you must take full responsibility for the acts you displayed in the bedroom. If you were not ready, you would have put on a protection. Let not somebody influence you to abandon your own blood. It is very irritating.

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Ghanaians Psalm Adjeteyfio


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