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Phone Snatchers Arrested By The Police After They Were knocked Down By A Car - Video

What is happening to the youth? They sometimes want the easiest way to make money for leaving. Some even go to the extent of killing for money rituals while some also turn to be fraudsters in our country.

One would say they are doing this because of the high rate of unemployment in our country. Well, that shouldn't give the youth the right to go against the law of the country in terms of engaging in illegal activities which can end them in jail.

Some even lose their life after they are been caught in the act of stealing since some citizens also take the law into their hands to punish suspected thieves they caught in our societies. The rates at which robbery is going on in our country is beginning to leave many people in a state of fear.

According to a video on social media, some young guys were seen arrested by the police for snatching people’s phones. According to information gathered this suspected thieves snatched a drivers phones with their motor, the driver also monitored and knock them down with his car.

This gave the police chance to get them arrested since they couldn't escape. In the video you would see the police officer putting handcuffs on their hands.

People who were spotted appreciates the driver who hit the suspected thieves with his car after they snatched his phone and was running away with their motor.

The youth should understand the value of their life before they think of doing something which is against the law of the country. We all understand how finding job is becoming difficult but setting up a small business for yourself as a youth is another best way to make money to feed yourself and your family.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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