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5 Things Rich People Find Strange but Normal for Poor People

There are many differences between rich and poor in the way each class is brought up, the environments they grew up in and how it affected their perception of reality. In this article, we'll be narrowing down on a couple of things you might remember from your childhood as completely normal but maybe only now we'll realize that's not what everyone else is doing. Growing up poor comes with a world of its own and most of the things that are completely acceptable in a low-income community are beyond strange or the rich. Below are 5 things that are strange for rich people but normal for poor people.


1. Filling Just Half the Tank

This is a straight-up difference between the two categories. For the rich, this is mind-boggling; why would anyone drive 10 to 15 minutes to the gas station and only put 10 or 20 cedis worth of gas in it? For the rich, going to the gas station is something you do as little as possible because nobody has time to keep coming back for a little drip of more fuel every few days, yet, almost everyone growing up poor knows that when money is short, you need to prioritize. Filling up the tank might mean you can't afford food that day and you're not going to need a full tank to get through the week so you might have to be smart with the little money you have.



2. Having Sleep for Dinner

LOL! This sounds funny but if you’ve been there before, you know exactly what this is about. And if you’re from a rich background, you must be wondering how can anyone have sleep for dinner. I’m not saying this happens all the time in poor communities but sometimes there simply isn't enough money for food, so what do people do? You pretend as if you're not hungry. The quicker you go to sleep, the faster tomorrow comes. Just take a moment to think about how deep this concept goes and what the ramifications of this type of thinking are.



3. Siblings Sharing A Room

For most of you, this might sound completely normal but it's not really the case for the rich. They simply have enough space for each of the children to get their own room with their own colour palette but it's not rare in the case of poor people or low-income families where everyone is living in a small crowded area. Many poor families still have their grandparents living with them, resulting in interesting living arrangements. Another thing that's specific to the poor community is simply sitting on the front porch doing nothing. To this day, if you go to poorer areas, you'll still see groups of people sitting on the front porch enjoying the weather and not doing a whole lot. It's actually one of their favourite pastimes.


4. Having More Children Than You Can Afford

Unfortunately, this is a harsh truth; poor people have on average more kids than the rich for the following reasons; one, financial aid; some families have kids in order to benefit from the financial aid the government gives out for each child to not using condoms or other contraceptives. Historically, people needed manpower to work the fields, now, poor people have more kids in the hopes that one of them will make it and help everyone else out of poverty while rich people would rather have on average only one or two children and focus all of their resources and efforts into raising them properly.



5. Doing It Yourself Rather Than Hiring Someone to Do It for You

How hard can it be anyway? When you're poor, you don't have money but you do have time so you're willing to trade what you do have for even a temporary solution. Why pay a professional to come and fix the roof when you can spend the whole week with your kids trying to figure out how to stop the rain from leaking in? This results in makeshift contraptions that are definitely not going to last but at least solve the problem for a little while.

Sometimes doing it yourself is a smart way to save some money especially if you're good with your hands but be careful because sometimes specialized advice is worth the money. For example, a tax advisor can save you thousands of cedis per year while costing you just a couple of hundred. This is one of those things poor people are not aware of and as a result end up paying more, just because they were trying to save a little money and do it themselves.


Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.


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