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Lady Scream Uncontrollably While being pierced On The Nose | Watch Video

As the Twi popular saying goes "As3m mp3 nipa, nipa na p3 be ho as3m" indeed, it is undoubted.

It's unfortunate an increasing amount of the youth in the country engage in unpleasant alterations to their bodies. They use devices and substances to alter their body so as to supposingly beautify their physical stature and for attraction.

In a video sighted on Instagram and currently circulating on social media, a lady was captured screaming uncontrollably during the creation of a hole on her left nose.

The lady who was vividly seen screaming while having her left nose pierced with a thin device, also had her tongue ragging with some unclear words to express the pain felt in the mist of the act.

In view of this, the reporter gave a caption to this momentous act in the video.

" Na by force" he said, which is clearly true because it's the choice of the lady to have her body altered, therefore she shouldn't have shouted while being pierced.


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