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Uduak Frank Akpan & Family the Rapist and Murderer

What happened in Nigeria?

Uduak Frank Akpan the rapist and murderer of Inibong Umoren is a cousin to a local government councilor in Uyo who posted jobs online to attract people who are legally seeking a good way to make a living so that he and his family can turn them into their victims. People, we are looking at a case of ritual killing and body parts selling and In this case, their victim was a young hard-working woman called Inibong Umoren who just graduated from university. 

Uduak frank Akpan allegedly handed over Late Inibong Umoren to his father when the search for Late Inibong Umoren on social media got extremely intense and his father who, however, also handed over Late Inibong Umoren to Uduak's cousin, and this was when the authorities started an investigation on the murder case. Following pressure from social media on the police, he ran to Oron in Akwa Ibom State and later to Uruan and after days of search, Uduak Frank Akpan was later apprehended and he confessed to raping and killing late Inibong Umoren after which he buried her in a shallow grave.

Are They Working Alone?

A source said, Uduak Frank Akpan is working for a politician and very known in the state, Uduak and his two siblings with their parents works for this unknown politician and this act has been in their family for long as a business which they’re forever in debt to this politician. Uduak and his family deal in drugs and body parts to his bosses and clients even friends who are that desperate, he has had many other cases of missing persons, uduak often travels to Port Harcourt and mostly delta state where he eats at a restaurant called Eka Udo.

Comment From One of those who Stand for just as I have iniobong.

There have been attempts to obstruct justice for iniobong. People, The least we can do is make the whole world aware.  #FindHinnyHumoren #Justiceforini

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