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Check out yourself, African innovation on funerals

Death is inevitable which no man can afford to miss in life. As it is said ' a man is born, and to die' . Every humanbeing is created from dust and must return to dust one day.

Death is treated differently at various parts of the Earth and the continent . Africa is one of the continent that celebrates funerals with various programs and decorations to give their last respects to the the mortal remains of their loved ones.

Modernised ways of dressing the corpse are now adopted by African , where some are dressed according to their professions before their death.

Recently , a deceased corpse who is an electrician was dressed on an electricity poll as if he was going to fix some irregularities at the top of the poll which caused massive stir on various social media portals.

Another one spotted by @Greatalexander is a corpse of a Drummer who passed on. He was dressed in white lace, sitted with two sticks in his hands as if he was trying to play a drum placed before him , that he normally plays.

Content created and supplied by: GreatAlexander (via Opera News )

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