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UTV News Confirms That 4 Men In Amanase Were Nearly Mobbed After Trying To Murder A 3-Year-Old Boy

Money Rituals is the unfortunate new craze in town.Even though it involves the taking away of the precious lives of victims, many desperate individuals go in for it in the Hope's of making so much money.The recent Kasoa murders put the entire country in shock

However there has bee a similar incident in Amanase where 4 men were nearly mobbed after trying to murder a 3 year old boy.The news reported by UTV Ghana news claimed 1 of the 4 men first came to the town for a funeral service and hence got the chance examine who he wanted to murder for the ritual process

The report also said he succeeded in gaining the trust of some of the parents hence got a 3 year old boy around him at the time.So after placing tramadol inside a flavoured drink he offered it to the boy.The boy rejected it after constant persistence from this man

The father of the boy later questioned this man about his dealings in the town and in no time many gathered around them.Many people got his true intentions when the bottled drink filled with tramadol was poured on the floor

Upon further confrontation, the police was involved and 3 other men he was working hand in hand with were also caught that very evening.The 4 men angered the youth of the town that it took only the police force to keep them alive.They have since being remanded awaiting trial

What can you say to this? Have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation? Share your experience with us. Kindly drop your comments below

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