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E/R: 38 Years Old Man Finally Arrested For Defiling A 14 Years Old Girl

A 38 years old man by the name of Kofi Adade has been arrested by the Kwaabeng Police for raping a 14 years old girl. This sad incident occurred at Apampetia near Akyem Kwaabeng in the Eastern Region. The mother of the victim, Madam Comfort Antwiwaa said she realized that the way her daughter was walking had changed and she confronted her.

It was then that her daughter opened up to her that Kofi Adade had raped her several times. Kofi Adade lives in the same house as the father of the victim. The girl mentioned that Kofi rapes her whenever there is no one in the house when she goes to where her father lives. Kofi Adade threatened the young girl to kill her if she tell her mother that he had raped her. This made the girl afraid and did not open up to anyone.

The mother went to the house of Kofi Adade to question him about what her daughter told her and he confirmed it to be true that he had raped the girl. Madam Comfort took her daughter to the clinic and the doctor confirmed that the girl had been raped. The girl has suffered wounds in her private parts and she is now unable to walk well.

Madam Comfort said the following day, Kofi Adade came to the house on a motorcycle and started shouting at her that he has raped the girl but she cannot do anything to him. The woman then reported the case to the Police in Kwaabeng who then made the arrest. The chief of the community, Barima Owusu Akyem Boahene mentioned this is a situation that is always occurring in the community.

He said that most of the young girls in the community have been raped but the parents do not report the case to the Police. He believes that the bold step Comfort Antwiwaa has taken will help reduce rape cases in the town.   

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