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Road Accident

Breaking: Accident on Cape Coast Road Terrible Experience This Morning

Just this morning, a terrible accident occurred in Cape Coast right before getting to Kotokraba junction. The road that leads to UCC

The accident as I said happened just this morning, and the way the cars have lose their originality is very bad.

I am reporting this issue right from the scene. Today marks the very day that most of the students of UCC will be going home or vacating. Just some few distance to getting to the accident scene, you can clearly see that, there were three cars that was involved in the accident, 2 passengers cars and a tipper truck. The tipper truck seems to be using the Takoradi road where as the two passenger cars also heading towards Accra.

But from what I saw, the tipper car has rolled over to the other lane with the driver's side on the floor, forcing the two passenger cars to crush each other and leaving the other lane. 

When I arrived at the scene, the police was already there and the passengers as well as the tipper driver have been rushed to the hospital, but as at this time the condition of the tipper driver is very bad, so all we need is prayers.

So as I said earlier the tipper car has fallen down, causing a massive traffic on the Accra to Cape Coast road. The police are trying their best to make sure they control the traffic, whiles the Ghana fire service and some of the police are finding ways and means to carry the tipper truck from the road.

I am still looking forward at the spot to have an interaction with the police as they try to ease the traffic.

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