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Road Accident

Dump Truck Parked For Two Weeks In The Middle Of A Busy Road At Ejisu

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In Ejisu, a busy town in Ashanti Region, a dump truck has been parked in the middle of a narrow but busy road leading to many panics and fears on the residents. According to residents of the area, the driver parked the truck on the road, saying that the truck cannot move onwards again because it’s gearbox has been destroyed. He then pleaded with the residents to forgive him for this and left the scene to go find a mechanic who could fix or replace it.

“It has been two weeks now and we have not seen or heard from him again. Meanwhile there is a heap of sand in the truck’s carriage. We do not know where he is now or have any contact to him. We now want to call the police so that they help us remove this vehicle because we fear it can cause a fatal accident one day”, one resident said.

According to the residents, the road on which the truck is on is a very busy road and same trucks of same sizes as the spoilt truck pass on the same road everyday despite how narrow the road is. This situation, if not attended to on time, can cause a major accident or tragedy.

This is the digital address of the location; AE-0018-1030.

We hope the police and traffic regulators attend to the situation as soon as possible.

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Ashanti Region Ejisu


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