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People bully him because of his health condition

Djuma Mossi is 18 years old teenager, who is suffering from heart disease. Due to his condition people omitted him from joining them, they don't treat him as other people. He developed this illness 2 years ago that let him drop out of school. Because of his appearance, students feared him so much, when they see him, they ran away and called him names like a ghost, demon, etc.

Due to poverty, his parents left him in the village, since they could not provide for him, it is Djuma's grandmother who has been taking care of him. He has lost hope and not sure that he will come back to normal. According to his grandmother, Djuma was born normal without any health issues but when he was 3 years he got Meningitis. He was treated but remained with a lifelong side effects and that is why his body is bent and walks like that.

He went to school but one day he fell down and broke his arm while they were playing. Since then he started loosing body balance. They thought it was something else but later, the doctors confirmed that it was a heart disease. After suffering from this disease, Djuma started feeling more weak in his body organs, he could walk to school but fail to come back to the house after class time.

People have to lift him so as to bring him back home. This continued for a long time and the students started making fun of him. Then it reached to a certain point when he could not walk again plus being bullied at school and the decision was to stop going to school. His grandmother said she supported the idea of her grandson not going to school. Djuma has lose too much body weight and people wonder if the wind blows, it will easily take him away.

His grandmother did everything possible for Djuma to get a healthy life, she sold most of her properties and also took loans from different institutions. All is to ensure that the boy will get good health, but all was spent in the process yet the boy remains ill. Ever since he stopped going to school, Djuma has lost hope and self confidence and also depressed.

Sometimes he locks himself in the house and does not want to associate himself with other people, since they will not encourage or comfort him but they will rather tell him that he is useless. The boy said he fears the daily abuse that keeps on increasing his depression. The grandmother is wondering what the future of her grandson would be.

He doesn't eat the food at the village, he only eat eggs, rice, chicken and chips yet the grandmother tries to provide sweet potatoes which is not even available everyday. She says her grandson body is showing many changes and was not sure that, is only the heart disease but it may be something else.

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Djuma Mossi


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