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Woman arrested for trying to sacrifice her seven (7) year old child by drowning him in a river.

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A 40 year old woman whose name has not been disclosed yet has been arrested for an attempted murder on her biological son who is aged 7 currently. The woman was seen by a group of teenagers who were strolling in the vicinity. They suspected the woman due to the way she had held her son's hand and she had a rubber bag.

In the reports, teenagers later heard a child screaming but they ignored it. They heard the scream again only to visit the scene of accident and find out that this woman was drowning the young boy who was helpless before. They then screamed and the woman immediately stopped her suicidal act.

The 40 year old was then lamenting“ you don't know why, you don't know why”. The woman was reported to the police right after she was caught red-handed. At this moment she is under interrogations at the Bosi District Police Station.

What at all do you think the child could have done for him to deserve murder?? Could the woman have been possessed by an evil spirit??

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