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Man cries for mercy after murdering his mother at Prang, Bono East

Man cries for mercy after murdering his mother at Prang, Bono East

Bekoe Kofi Nti has been begging the residents of Prang in the Bono East Region of Ghana, for forgiveness after he took the life of his mother this morning. Prang is the capital town of the Pru East District of the Bono East, and it is known for its hunting festivities. It is only in Prang that Residents celebrate their happiness with bush meats, and it's done twice every year. It was in the olden days when the first settlements of the town used meat to sanctify the land before moving on. It has since become a tradition for the people to celebrate Meat Sanctification twice a year, which they categorise into two, the lower and upper. Their celebration always brings people from who are mostly natives of the district from all over Ghana, and it is mostly done within the first and fourth quarter of every year. 

Bekoe Kofi Nti is the son of the late Mr Nti Bekoe, who was one of the famous hunters in the town and was liked by almost everyone because of his tolerance and generous giving. He was the one who was always giving out free meat to everyone, the rich and the poor, the widow and the widower, and the orphan so they can also enjoy life without their dead relatives. His love and care for widows especially made the Prang elders name him 'Maadodoo Kunu' many women husband. His generosity made many members of the community get in touch with his wife when he died last two years. Abibata Bekoe, the wife of the late Nti Bekoe has been receiving all kinds of gifts and care from people after the death of her husband in 2019.

Many men came to visit her daily, while others came in weekly and monthly. They did so, she won't feel abandoned looking at what the husband Mr Bekoe Nti did to others when he was alive. Kofi Nti Bekoe, the only child of Madam Abibata Bekoe, nerve liked the fact that a lot of men were supporting her mother financially and in kind. Kofi Nti when he drinks can insult the mother from A to Z, without resting and anyone who gets into the insults, was never spared. Kofi Nti Bekoe has been doing it for the past year and had never tried to stop.

Kofi Nti last night, as usual, tasted his favourite drinks and couldn't walk home. He fell into an outer which separated their house from the street, and his mother was called to save him before something bad happened to him. Kofi Nti while the mother holds him to make his movement easy, kept insulting the mother that, whoever was helping him get home, should stop because he didn't want to go home to any bad woman. He thought it was someone else supporting him to get home, and insulted the mother to that person and all the people on the street, not knowing it was the mother who was helping him get home in peace.

Kofi woke up this morning at dawn and released his daily insults to the mother while she was asleep. He went further hitting the mother's gate for her to wake up, and the mother never minds him. Kofi Nti after getting no response from the mother went to top his drink up and came back to release another edition of the insults. Madam Abibata responded to his second coming of the insults after he went for the second round of drinking. Kofi Nti did not take it lightly when the mother called him an ungrateful idiot who doesn't remember anything good that she has done for him, in spite of their suffering. 

Kofi Nti took an axe that the mother had finished using to divide woods and threw it in her direction. Madam Abibata had her head been stuck with the edge of the axe when Kofi Nti threw it to her. The woman died and Kofi didn't have any remorse for killing the mother. He went outside shutting the witch was no more, and that drew the attention of others who went to see what he had done. The people newer spared him and gave him beatings but the alcohol that was within him made their beatings nothing to his skin. They tied him up until 9 am when the police came for the body and Kofi. Kofi who has been freed from the alcohol has been begging for mercy as he did that under the influence of alcohol. He has since not been granted bail, and he will not be granted one, for fear of the people beating him to death if the police do. 

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