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Secret video of Alleged Sakawa boys bathing in cemetery pops up on the internet.

Things we do for love.

Things we do for money.

For love, one could do anything. From sacrificing one's comfort, dreams, aspirations, coping with uncomfortable situations, even to the point of taking his or her own life or that of others, all in the name of love.

For money, the love of money leads to all sort of evil and injurious things. The love for money has led people to commit heineous crimes which beats imagination, and the thing they do for money, is just beyond imagination.

Speaking of which, we have sighted a video making rounds on the internet of 3 alleged Sakawa boys taking a ritual bath in a Cemetery, which unknown to them, was being secretly recorded by someone close by.

A place one would dare go there let alone take a bath there.

Unfortunately, we can't upload the video on this platform but can only show you scenes and shots from the video which are below.

The identity of these boys are not yet known as well as thier mental state likewise the location of the place.

The love of money is indeed the root of all evil.

Stay tuned for more.

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