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Heartbreaking but funny. Sad moment when English Language disqualified a "wanna be" police man.

Being employed into the forces as a Ghanaian is a whole new level of excitement as it attracts society's Respect and due to this, many youth of today like to venture into that field. As the saying goes "many are called but few are chosen", the same applies to the recruitment of soldiers and policemen in the country.

Since many youth like to venture into that field, employment is based on how qualified the person is to be offered that job. The ability of a person to speak good English is a major quality that qualifies any job searching personnel.

Here comes a situation where English Language disqualifies a "wanna be" policeman before he even applies for a job as a policeman. Ghana Police Service made an update on they recruiting new policemen and this guy being eager to be offered employment asked for the date of the recruitment exercise but he made a slight mistake which I believe is the fault of his keyboard. Instead of "recruiting", he typed "recruitment" and the reply the author of that article gave him shows that he is not the right peg for the hole. Check it out below ⬇️

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