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Netizens react after seeing this unusual backside of lady

Is that her genuine backside, Aboozigi? After witnessing this unique behind of lady, netizens respond.

Netizens refuse to believe that the backside of the lady shown in our report is real in the fullest sense. 

Because of the unusual aura they seem to generate, photos of the mystery lady's heavy bottom have become extremely popular. 

Aside from being rounded and hefty in shape, the buttocks appear disproportionate, which has become the focal point of an internet dispute. 

Despite the fact that the butts are bigger it was regarded 'natural' by most of society, practically everyone who has seen the picture online.

The picture has gone viral and has caused a lot of stir and comments both positive and negative on many social media platforms after it was uploaded and many can’t still believe with their eyes.

Seeing the photographs for yourself, you might be able to draw your own conclusions. See it below and leave your comments.

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