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May God Help This Generation: See What This Beautiful Lady Was Caught Doing Inside Dirty Water

Our elders continue to say that the youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow, but the same youths are not giving good accounts of themselves, especially when it comes to good behaviour. What some African women are doing is disgusting, sometimes they forget that they are women, and they tend to do whatever they like. Trying to do some of the things that men do might turn out to be a public disgrace for women if care is not taken.

This is the case of a young lady who got herself in a deep mess after taking excessive hard drugs and too much of alcohol. Reports reveal that the lady went out with her boyfriend where they sat at a public bar to enjoy themselves, but it turned out to be a bad day for her entirely. The lady started misbehaving, and the guy decided to drop her off on the road, the lady could not control herself and started vomiting and falling down on the road.

Shockingly, the lady fell inside dirty water on the road and started rolling inside it. People cannot believe their eyes as she continues speaking saying things that was very hard for people to understand. This particular incident happened in a state called Anambra in Nigeria, and reports revealed that the rate at which young ladies in the state consume drugs and alcohol is alarming.

People continue looking at her inside the dirty water as they could do little to get her out of the situation. Some people who saw the car of her boyfriend dropping her off on the road alleged that she might have been used for money rituals, but that is far from the truth because it was the combination of drugs and alcohol that made her lose control totally.

This should be a lesson to other young ladies, especially ladies who are easily attracted to money and drugs. Bad behaviours give bad names that is why we must not involve ourselves in anything that will have a negative effect on our integrity.

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