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The Juju Did Not Work: Armed Robber With Serious Charms Fail To Escape Police Arrest

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It is an open secret that most armed robbers are protected spiritually to avoid being arrested. It is rumored that some of them are able to vanish with the help of their charms when they are about to be arrested by the police. Mostly, they are seen with objects tied around their waist and other parts of their bodies.

They trust those objects to the extent that they even think it is impossible for bullets to penetrate through them. The common object found when they are arrested is Talisman, an object believed to be having magical powers with the ability to protect them at all times. However, several armed robbers have failed to vanish or resist gunshots even when they still have the talisman with them during the time of the robbery.

One of them is Owen Agriwen, a young man who was arrested recently in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The young man had gone for robbery and was running on top speed with his unregistered motorbike. In the first place, it is even illegal for anyone to use an unregistered motorbike as a means of transport in Ghana but this armed robber was riding one with impunity.

Apart from that, he refused to stop when the police realized his strange behavior. He was later chased and arrested. Unfortunately for Agriwen, a knife, pump-action gun, and other serious weapons were retrieved from him after a thorough search. The surprising aspect is that a talisman was also found with him. It is believed that the armed robber was optimistic that his charm would save him from the hands of the police and that is the more reason why he refused to stop.

He relied on the talisman but unfortunately, it failed him. He has since been sent to the police cell and he is being prepared for court but it was expected that with all his charm, Agriwen could vanish from the police cell but that has also failed to happen. It seems the charm that was with the armed robber for his operation was just for fun and nothing else. This is because, if the charm really has powers, it would have saved him from the police arrest and even from the cell. The young armed robber is now left in the police cell to battle with his case whilst the talisman remains in the custody of the police as evidence.

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