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Weird Rules Some Landlords Give in Ghana

Ghana is an interesting place with interesting people and most people will experience these developments to be outlined below as to how some landlords or ladies behave towards their tenants in the country.

Some of the reactions are comic and incomprehensible, some are rules that may appear as if one is in a high school.

What are the weirdest rules a landlord or landlady has ever given to you?

1.Don't receive male visitors in the evening and on weekends.

2.Make sure u sleep before 7pm because I will lock the gate at 7:30pm.

3.Male visitors shouldn't use the washroom when they want to wee wee. They should wee wee outside.

4."Don't take off your shirt if you are not in your apartment, I have girls"

5.Landlord said I have no right to lock my polytank na the water is his, as if I don't pay for water bill.

6.Don't pound fufu after 6pm. If a visitor stay even a day and live when he is bringing water bill the person bill will be added.

7.Don't park your car in front of your house because my other tenants are having visitors today

8.I can’t receive a male visitor apart from my boyfriend and anyone that visited me must be introduce to him. my visitor should not spend more than 3 days with me

9.U must introduce anybody that comes to visit u to her and she will ask the person the reason for the visit and also ask when the visitor is leaving...she will come to the room from time to time to check if the person is still around.

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