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Special Prosecutor is a small boy. He cannot destroy me- Col RTD Kwadwo Damoah fires

The commissioner of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Colonel Kwadwo Damoah (RTD) has described a recent investigative report by office the special prosecutor as hollow. The report indicted some officials of the Customs Division of the GRA and a company known as LaBianca which is owned by a member of the council of state Madam Eunice Asoma-Hinneh.

The report released by the OSP indicated that the company of the council of state member Madam Eunice Asoma-Hinneh had evaded taxes.

The OSP through the investigation recovered over 1 million Ghana Cedis from the company in a shady deal said to have been reached between the company and Customs division of the GRA through influence peddling.

In its investigative report, the OSP also cited one Joseph Adu Kyei, a Deputy Commissioner of Customs in charge of Operations, for issuing “unlawful customs advance ruling

In a reaction to the report, Col Damoah, who was implicated in the report together with the deputy commissioner Mr Adu Kyei, rubbished the report by the OSP, alleging that the report smacks of malice

He said" Anybody who has read that report very well, will know the basis of that and luckily for me, God is always on my side. Before that report came, that person (SP) had made a statement to some people who had come to tell me that he was going to publish something that will discredit me and I even sent people to go and tell him he's a small boy. I am older than him. I have lived a meaningful life. If he attempts to destroy me, it wont be easy for him. People have tried it and I have survived and this one too, I will survive."

Col Damoah further alleged that the report by the OSP which seeks to indict him is born out of an issue that happened some few years back when he (Col Damoah) refused to second the approval of one Mr Akurugu who was proposed by the Special Prosecutor into office as Deputy Special Prosecutor.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra today Wednesday 8th August 2022, He said " One of the reasons was because of Mr Akurugu. He wanted Mr Akurugu to be seconded to his office and I said No. Mr Akurugu is a customs officer primarily employed to do customs work and he is to partner Mr Akoto in that office, African Continental Free Trade Area. He needs to carry out some evaluations and therefore I cannot second him to the office of the special prosecutor because he has a primary role to play in customs. And then He (SP) comes back through the commissioner-general and again I said that I insist I will go by that He (Akurugu) has a primary role. It is when I don't have a role for him or that I can dispense with his services that I have others to do what he is going to do that I will give him to you.

"So he (SP) calls me to his office in relation to Labianca and at the end of it, he talks to me about this same matter and I said yes, it is not the commissioner-general. I wrote it and I have my reasons. He will not be release to you. He will be in customs and then behind me, He (Akurugu) goes to resign, he is given the position of Commissioner of Police rank and he is now with your office. Then he goes to make allegations that Mr Adu Kyei and myself, we hate him and that he will deal with us.

So that is the basis of that publication but if you read it very well, that publication is hollow and its actuated by malice and those who are behind it know themselves. They've tried it several times, it is not working and it wont work. I'm ready for any prosecution. That is what he must do and not to say that they should do further investigations up to 2017.

The office of the Special Prosecutor is yet to respond on these pronouncements by Mr Damoah. There is every indication however that a banter has started between the CEPS commissioner and the Special Prosecutor's office and more is definitely yet to unfold.

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