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Why this mysterious door should never be opened because if it should, a great catastrophe occurs

There are some things that happens and are very strange and bizarre to understand. As we all know a door opens and closes, it is very unusual when a door cannot be opened. There are some mysterious happenings going on in this world and I guess you have not heard about.

Well, this mysterious door should never be opened and if it should be opened a great catastrophe would occur.

This door is actually part of a house which some rich couples lived in together with their family. The wife of the man died in that same house, she died while she was pregnant.

After she died, the man hid her in a room in the house out of fear because, he thought people would say he was the cause of his wife's death. After her disappearance, the family members came to notice that and questioned the man several times till he finally said she has travelled which was a lie.

The relatives came to realise that the man lied and questioned him with a threat of reporting him to the authorities but that was fruitless because the man was very rich.

One day, the ghost of his wife was haunting him till he finally told them the truth. As usual his thoughts came to pass as they said he killed him. They urged him to see the dead body as he opened that room the body wasn't there anymore.

He was shocked and this made him go crazy, his family members leaved that house together with the man out of fear. They reported to the authorities to investigate and when they entered the room, they never came out.

From that day onward, anyone who dares to get into that room faces a catastrophe. Since then, no one entered that mysterious room and opened that door because of the catastrophe it brings about.

In case you may ask where it is, it is found in India.

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