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Wonders shall never end, Police dig out remains of a woman used for rituals.

The Nigerian Police in Oshogbo have arrested two people for allegedly burying a woman behind a house for rituals.

This unfortunate incident took place in Oshogbo in Nigeria. Oshogbo is a city in South Western Nigeria. It was the capital city of Osun state in 1999.

The two suspects who admitted the crime were matched by the police officers and some people in the town to the place they buried the woman.

To the surprise of the police and the inhabitants, the two police officers dug the ground and retrieved the remains of the woman.

It was alleged the two suspects were carrying out the activities ordered them by thier spiritual deities to be able to be rich.

Because they had not buried her deeply into the ground, the natives of the area complained the place was smelling and that they could not stand the odour. Little did they know that there was a barbaric incident right in front of their nose.

Meanwhile, the two suspects are in police custody to be sent to court to face the full rigour of the court of the land, Nigeria Police.

This money issues, God have mercy. The love of money is indeed the root of all evil.

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