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Must Watch: My Dad Risked His Life To Save Me And Got Burnt When I Was Alone During Fire Outbreak.

Favor, the 21-year-old girl who is 85% burnt

Sometimes in life, how we wish some problems could be cleaned just as having a pencil and paper to start a new life. Unfortunately, a mistake committed today is difficult to change tomorrow. All one has to do is to just accept it and move on with life. In today’s article, I will be writing about a young lady called Favor whom the world showed her its unfairness in her early days.

According to her, she got burnt and her whole body has become full of scars. She was then bullied at school and start losing hope in life since to her, life was meaningless. As she started gaining self-confidence, she was impregnated by her friend. Now, she thought life was over because no one will love her with her deformity.

Favor is a 21-year-old girl who got burnt at her younger age. Since that day, her whole body has been damaged, mainly, her hands and face. She says her life was soo difficult for her but she has grown so beautiful and it is so hard for her to explain how her body got transformed. Some of her friends are not proud of leaving with her due to her appearance. Since she cannot change what had happened, she is now used to living her deformity, she said.

Favor tells how it all happened. According to her, three days after she was born, their house caught in a fire, and everything in their room got burnt. During this fire outbreak, she was in the room whiles her parents were outside preparing breakfast. As the fire broke out, her father risked his life and went inside for her. He made sure that she was alive and the fire would not burn her that much. Luckily for her, both her dad and she survived the impossible but there were burns all over them.

Later, firemen came in and tried to put the fire off. Both she and her father were so much injured and were taken to the hospital. Her injury was severe and that took her a whole year at the hospital for treatment. All the doctors were surprised that a young girl could survive such a terrible accident.

Many people had turned her down and bullied her a million times because of her appearance. This broke her heart and she started hiding from people. When she started school, she did not know she was deformed until her friend in school started avoiding her. She told her mother about it and her mother explained everything to her. She became very shy about her plight. According to her, one thing that hurts her the most is when parents tell their children that if they misbehave, they will bring them to her. This makes the children afraid of her anytime they see her.

At first, when she looked in the mirror, she could see nothing good in her and but a useless being. Now, she has accepted who she is and sees herself as very beautiful. She had a friend who used to encourage her but it was just for his advantage. He later impregnated her and was expelled from school. Since then, she has been a school dropout.

Watch the video below;

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