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Remember Rhodaline Darko The Lady Who Went Missing, What Has Happened To Her?

Family, friends, and loved ones are still heartbroken. They don’t know where their missing relative has been all this while. Most Ghanaians expressed concern and were optimistic that the police will find her alive to enable her to reunite with her family. The public was optimistic that those who are behind her missing would as well be arrested to face the laws of the country.

However, everything seems to be in the dark. It seems the country is already forgetting about her, the hopes of finding her are dwindling and life is gradually returning to normal. This is the fate of Madam Rhodaline Amoah Darko, a respected lady who has mysteriously gone missing without any trace.

The last update of the Ghana Police Service on the investigations being conducted on the missing Lands Commission lady was on September 27, 2021, about one month ago. Since then, nothing has been heard from neither the family of the lady or the Ghana Police Service. After about three months since Rhodaline Amoah Darko went missing, the big question being asked is what has happened to her? This is a multi-million question that demands answers.

We mostly hear of people being kidnapped and when it happens, the kidnappers ask for ransom and later free them. There has been news of missing persons and when it happens, a trace of their whereabouts whether dead or alive is found, but it appears the case of Rhodaline Amoah Darko is different.

For close to three months no information has been heard of the lady. Nobody has even called to demand a ransom from either the police or the family of the lady. This is a clear indication that the missing of the lady goes beyond imagination. It will be too early to declare her dead but even if that was the case, at least someone would have come across the body. It is unknown what is currently happening behind the scenes about the ongoing investigations by the police but it will be ideal for them to update the public to know what has happened to her.

The police must up their game, COP George Akuffo Dampare must deploy his intelligence to help the family overcome the trauma their missing relative has left. They need hope and it is about time the police prove one. We cannot hope for bad news but there is enough trust in the Dampare led police command to dig deep and know where she has been. to her family, they must keep up the hope and continue praying for the miracle of the Lord to prevail.

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