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Moment A Lady Was Seen Beating Her Husband Inside KFC, See How People Reacted

Gender based violence in this world is a pandemic. Men and women are suffering. More women than men have been faced this at least once in their lifetime. Rates of female perpetrated violence are higher than male perpetrated.

When a man beats up a woman, the case is looked into deeply and with some certain energy but what happens when a woman beats up a man, Shouldn’t that same energy be reciprocated? When it comes to domestic violence people think it’s only women who suffer it but men do as well. 

I was scrolling through the internet when I came across a video of a man who suffered at the hands of a woman in daylight.

See how people commented below: 

MthandeniNene said, “Like seriously this is what some men go through everyday in their homes, this is not right. 

Take a look at some screenshots. 

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