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"I Was Ablaze To See How Women Get Pregnant In Prison. God Is So Good And Kind"

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The case of women getting pregnant in prison has mostly been questioned? Well, there are many men and women in prisons that committed crimes that brought them to jail. Women in prisoners are distinguished from men in different parts of the world simply because of cases such as these. And since female prisoners are co-ordinated by women prison guards, impregnating them in jail is unlikely. The easy reason is, therefore, that some female offenders are taken to prison pregnant and most women don't even know that they are pregnant until the prison staff check.

The luxury of these women going home and give birth in a better hospital is not there because the government has established protocols to help them birth in jail. In some countries, women can breastfeed and care for their babies for a limited amount of time. They are then taken forcibly and transferred to foster homes.

The Governments are correct in this, in my opinion, because prison is a bad environment for a child to be raised, though it is not easy for the mother to let go of her baby. Would the government allow pregnant women in jail to raise their babies?

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