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Togbe Kwasinyi Agyeman V enstooled as new chief for Adidome

Tuesday August 17th 2021,the outdooring and enstoolment of Togbe Kwasinyi Agyeman V went on at Adidome in the Volta Region - Zzembe,Fieto.

After going through the customary and tradional processes,the chief was outdoored and presented to the larger family/clan and the entire Adidome township in a colorful procession through the principal street,ending with a durbar at the market square.

The chiefs of Mafi and other invited guests arrived at the Zzembe palace. Libation was offered at it's best while traditional drums/atumpane was played.

A speech was given by the head of the Royal Norgbedzi family and principal stool father of the Toh/Tovie clan. Traditional rituals amidst drumming,singing and dancing.

The chief in private life is known as Mr. Emmanuel James Atiemo Fiagbenu. In his speech,he said,"during the reign of his father the late chief he had no peace but rather facing his fouls in court till his death.That's why he demands that nobody faces him with treats from his father."

He said,his focus is Education,Youth Development Empowerment and Business development.

He concluded that he will work towards establishment of a scholarship fund for brilliant students from Adidome and it's surrounding towns.

By:Abigail Liko

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