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Save me I am dying slowly; 31 years old man cries from hospital after his father butchered him.

It was a sad news this afternoon as it was reported by Kwadwo Dickson and Serwaa Akoto on ANGEL TV Orgasm news. We don't really know what is currently happening in Ghana. Issues of crime is on rise. Everyday we will hear sad news happening across the country and it is very sad to see or to hear.

As it was indicated by the news reporters, a young man who is about 31 years old is currently battling with his life at Saint Francis Hospital in Assin. The Report indicated that, the young man was attacked and butchered by his own father with a sharp cutlass. Currently, the 31 years old man who have been identified as Kwame Tetteh is dying slowly and the Doctors at Saint Francis Hospital in Assin are responding to him in other to revive him. Even though there is assurance that he will survive. We pray for him too.

Speaking to Angel TV from the Hospital, Kwame Tetteh stated that, he heard his father sharping the cutlass of which he thought his father is going to use it the next morning when he is going to the farm. Per his surprise, his father jumped on him and started cutting him like cassava or grass. His father cut back of his neck, his hand and other parts of the body.

Kwame Tetteh rushed out with the blood and went to the hospital. He indicated, It was as a result of Palm wine or palm trees that is why his father want to kill him because, he (Kwame Tetteh) had argument with his elder brother over the palm trees used for palm wine.

The man who committed such atrocity have also been identified as Kampara, who is 61 years old. This is very sad for a father to attack his biological son all because of money from Palm trees to be used for palm wine.

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