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Rivers Never Flow backwards, but this river flowed backwards in 2012.(Details with pictures)

Nature is very wonderful. God is so wonderful for his wonderful creation. Rivers in the universe is never expected to be seen flowing backwards. The natural routine is to flow forward on its path as expected. Well, the unexpected happened.

In 2012, there was a hurricane in river Mississippi. This natural disaster occurred in the middle of the river. This caused the rise of the river to a very high level.

The flow of the river stopped due to the blockage by the hurricane. This made the banks of the river so full that, only small amount of water was flowing forward. The rest of the water was still rising upwards till it reversed backwards.

The river reserved it flow and this happened for more than 24 hours. This was a strange and unexpected thing that could ever happen.

Aside the Mississippi, the Amazon river also flowed backwards in 2005.

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