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Remember The Cripple Who Went Viral For Selling Pure Water, See How Stunning She is Looking

There is a picture of a disable which has been trending all over social media. In a facebook group, people sympathised with the disable being talked about.

In the picture the disable was seen selling pure water in traffic. She used a crochet as support for walking in the traffic and even running. People specifically got impressed on how she moved with the crochet.

Another thing people got amazed was how she was determined to sell water even in her predicament situation. Many thought due to her situation, she will resort to begging or staying indoors.

Be it as it may, she such people wrong and decided not to be dependent but rather independent. After some while, a good samaritan took her from the streets and changed her life.

Below are pictures of her recent life.

What do you think about this cripple hustling? Comment below. Follow me for more contents like this and latest news.

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