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NORTHERN REGION FLOODS: Several Residents Trapped After A Heavy Rainfall

Welcome everyone to another interesting article and thanks for clicking. Firstly, let's give all the praise to the almighty God for giving us another day. Sad news hits the internet recently that got everyone talking on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I got surprised when I saw all these reactions from people across the globe. I don’t know why the country keep facing crises nowadays and I always ask whether their leaders in this country. This issue has brought a lot of controversies on the internet and you won’t believe if I tell you what’s happening to the residents in the flooded area.

Report from Adom Tv shows that many people at the northern region are facing difficulties because some flood just occurred after a heavy Rain Fall. We all know how flood can cause a lot of damages to several individuals and also destroy properties. The touching aspect is that many people cries out loud during an interview, some said the government should come and help resolve this issue in their area. Take a look at what I’m talking about 

People on social media also reacts to this sad situation, check out some comments 

I think leaders of the country should rise up and solve this problem before it’s too late and also this should serve as a lesson to each and everybody in the country especially those who dump waste products in the gutters because these acts causes flood in the country anytime it rains. Comment down below the article if you have any questions or contributions and also share this article to friends and families 

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