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I Can’t Take Care Of This Child Alone: Lady Cries After Finding Out Husband’s Death In 10 Days

Doris, as she is well known in the community became worried after her husband left home and was not returning. The situation was unusual because whenever he leaves home, he will be back by sunset. They both live in a farming community and had given birth not too long ago. The baby was still young and the two have been helping one another in raising the child at Sefwi Aboabo in the Western North Region of Ghana.

Since the place is a farming community, the husband, Mr. Kwesi Broni who is now deceased visits the farm regularly to ensure that the family is served three square meals every day. However, he went to the farm one day and never returned. The wife who was worried informed the rest of the family and the community members about the development. They searched for him everywhere but he was still nowhere to be found.

The situation became serious until after ten days when, unfortunately, the lifeless body of Mr. Broni was found in a bush close to the area. He has died mysteriously leaving the young child and his nursing wife. The wife, Doris Obeng who is yet to come to terms with the development is still trying to come to terms with why the husband could die at this moment in time when they both have a child to raise together.

She does not understand why the husband showed no signs of being sick but suddenly died whilst they still have a long journey to go in their marriage. She is also contemplating how to take care of the little child alone since her late husband has since been the pillar of the family. Sometimes death can take away the brighter side of life but when it happens, those affected try to adjust. Even though it will not be easy in the beginning, things will normalize in the future. With Doris Obeng, it seems the pain of the passing of her husband will live with her for many years.

The police in the area have begun investigations into the actual cause of the thirty-eight-year-old man. Some persons in the community believe that the young man did not die a natural death and as result, someone might have committed the crime. They want the police to thoroughly investigate the matter and bright the killer/s (if there are any) to book.

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Kwesi Broni Lady Cries


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