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I Entered A Bus With A Rev. Sister, When My Body Touched Her Garment, This Happened -Man Narrates

I Entered A Bus With A Rev. Sister, When My Body Touched Her Garment, This Happened -Man Narrates

It is true that some jobs require more training and experience than others. It is also true that some jobs carry more responsibility, pay more money, and have greater status.

But that doesn’t mean one job is more important than another.

You are not better than someone else simply because you have more degrees, a fancier title, or higher salary.

In your organization, every person matters and you should not look down upon someone for the work they are doing.

A Facebook user named Obi Love told us how accidentally, when he was in a bus, a reverend sister touched her clothes.

He and a reverend sister went into a bus with him and sat at the front of the bus, according to his message. The driver took part in a pot hole, and the child's leg hit her clothing, which she mistakenly wore, and the Rev. Sister commanded him to hurry.

A few minutes later, the driver ran back into a pot hole and the bus ran vibrating, and the boy's sister got into contact and was furious. She asked him to go through, and the man was angry immediately.

and the reverend sister requested that the bus driver should stop the bus that she wanted to drop. 

After reading his post, I thought of three questions.

1. What first brought the reverend sister out of the bus?

2. Is it a sin if a man or woman is touching the sister's cloth?

Perhaps she has its reasons to behave as a reverend sister on a bus like this.

Please what is the work of the Reverend sisters in the Catholic church because i know They don't celebrate Mass on sunday.

Guys, what must you think about this?

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