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Read What the Young Girl Who Was Murdered In Akwa-Ibom Wished Herself On Her Birthday

The news of the Akwa-Ibom girl who was murdered and buried in a shallow grave continues to elicit strong reactions. While many people are saddened by her passing, some are calling for revenge. But it's also worth mentioning what she wished for herself on her birthday.

Iniubong Umoren, a 26-year-old woman, was kidnapped and murdered by her kidnapper, who then buried her. She was found missing while looking for work, which was unfortunate. Many people were taken aback by the news of her passing.

On April 16th, she did, however, celebrate her birthday. And in her message, she expressed her gratitude to God for the gift of life, as well as her pride in the woman she was quickly becoming.

Take a look at her birthday post; 

Iniubong Umoren expressed her admiration for the woman she has grown into. She revealed that she has reached a point in her life where God, herself, her opinion, and her peace of mind are all that matters. But, most importantly, this incredible young lady shared hope. She wrote that she was "ready to live" and wished for a long and prosperous life. It's a shame she didn't live to see the end of her life.

Despite the fact that death is merely a transition to another conscious life, she continues to live on in the hearts of her loved ones and well-wishers. Although we hope that her soul finds eternal peace, we demand that justice be served to the fullest extent possible.

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