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I was an armed robber and my friends also took me to Benin for money rituals- A man narrates

A 32-year-old man named Eric Akwasi Aklaman popular known as Bakar from Odorkor, has shared his story about how his friends took him to Benin village for money rituals when he was an armed robber. According to Akwasi, his father was a police man but he is dead and he was a very stubborn boy at school.

He said where they are staying consists of armed robbers and prostitutes, some people come there to give contract to the armed robbers to attack other people, he was even given a contract to rob NPP office, so many people were injured and some of his friends were arrested. Akwasi said his parents always had a fight, this situation made him to spent most of his time with his friends who introduced him into robbery.

His friends used to buy clothes and other things but he was not having money to buy those clothes, so he joined them and they started breaking people's shops at Odorkor and steals the things in it. Then they entered into robbery, they went to Tarkwa to rob at a galamsey site, on their way back they met policemen at Gomoa and one of his friends called Suvivor whose mother was a Regional Commander at the prison, was shot and died at the spot.

When they got home, he didn't tell anyone about what happened to them and his friend was always haunting him. They even went to Nzema and he was given beads for protection and a handkerchief. When they go for robbery in a house, they puts the handkerchief under the padlock or the door and recite some words, then the door will open. They robbed a man who went to a bank to redraw money, they saw the man standing in front of the bank counting the money in a brown paper and they followed him to East Legon and collected the money.

About the three years ago, they stopped the armed robbery and entered into money rituals, so they went to a village at Benin for the money rituals. Akwasi was told that, his own will not be successful but his friends are now rich. Akwasi has now reggretted about what he did and has repented, he is now a singer at his church.

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