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125 Years Old Man Attributes His Longevity To Not Sleeping With Any Woman His Whole Life…

Swami Sivananda was born on August 8, 1896, according to his passport. If true, his life would have spanned three centuries, but despite his apparent age he remains strong enough to perform yoga for hours at a time. India’s passport authorities confirmed Sivananda’s age from a temple register, the only record many Indians even decades younger have of their date of birth. However it would be extremely difficult to independently verify his age.

The elderly man lost both parents before he was six and was given away by his relatives to a spiritual guru, whom he travelled with around India before settling in Varanasi.

Looking remarkably unlined for his claimed 125 years, he claims he is the oldest man to have ever lived and attributes his longevity to no sex with a woman his whole life and daily yoga.

Fit and without any medical complications, he lives independently and even travels alone on trains.

Sivananda claims he had not previously come forward to claim the record because he did not seek publicity, but was eventually persuaded by his followers to forward.

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