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Dark Days For The Abesim Killer As Another Man Reveals How He Nearly Sacrificed Him For Rituals

A young man has given a chilling account about Richard Appiah, the suspect behind the fridge storage killing at Alaska Abisem. The young man had an offer from Richard that to help him on his cocoa farm and after that, he will offer him a juicy job.

Richard who had bragged to the young man that he was a big man was able to influence him to the farm on two consecutive days. They were harvesting Cocoa and both of them had machetes but whenever the unemployed young man will raise up his head, Richard would be standing on him with a machete and the looks on his face shows he was ready to strike.

In one of the days, the young man whose name has been given as Noah Nyame left his machete on the farm to attend to other matters but when he returned, Richard Appiah had taken the machete and added it to his own. He stood there face to face with Noah but he realized it was not a good time to strike.

Noah asked him to give him the machete back and that caused a struggle between them. Out of anger, Noah took his machete from Richard and left the farm. If he had not struggled for his freedom on the day, Richard would have killed him and used his body parts for rituals. From his narration, Richard wanted to kill him as well but he did not have the right time to strike.

He was waiting for that right time but Noah decided not to visit the farm again. But there was something strange about Richard Appiah. The young man believes Richard wanted to sacrifice him and use his body parts for rituals but it was God that saved him. There was a serious stench in his house that was difficult to control but he kept telling Noah that it was an animal that has died. Fortunately for Noah, it was the same day the cup of Richard became full, and was arrested by the police after the human parts were found in his fridge.

He had already killed some persons and allegedly been selling the body parts for rituals. The account of this man attests to rumors at Abisem that Richard Appiah was using the body parts of his victims for something else. He was not just killing people out of mental sickness as many a chief in the community has indicated but it was a calculated attempt to use the parts for something else.

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