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Black Sherif Second Sermon Lyrics Translated in English

Niggaz in the trap don't talk plenty, I swear to God

The transaction (that could be scam business or any other street transaction) has brought a lot of money and chairman (the boss) has all the block (the money)

So we're at his house with 12 killer boys(gangstas) 

we're in front of the house telling him to come down

Auntie Mely doesn't know this is how I'm living my life here(in Accra)

Things I see with my eyes, when I tell my old woman she'll be stressed

so I keep it all to myself

nobody told me to be a gangsta

it's my choice and I'm firm about it

so everything I do I'm aware

silence for a minute

rest in peace to Sister Mariama

God grant us Alejana

We'll meet in heaven one-day

then I'll tell you my story

For when you left us I went trapping in Accra

I'm doing so many bad things

but I don't care because of money

I know you're in heaven so ask forgiveness for me

cause I really lose my way

I wasn't taught this

but if I don't do this

something might happen

something might happen

so take me as I am

 Chorus: kwaku Frimpong will bring trouble

(he will bring trouble, he will bring trouble)

killer black will bring trouble

(will bring trouble, will bring trouble)

 sad boys in the house

if you're not with us then bounce

we didn't say we were coming- unannounced

out of the blue we're here, it's loud

we roll it tight and fast

cos the world is fake

I love to think you wanna fly

so I have plenty of the stuff

word to ryder- come home, we're waiting on you

we can't finish all this marijuana

word to ryder- come home, we're waiting on you

cause we can't finish all this marijuana


ye ye yei

the guy's ruined

ye ye yei

the guy's ruined




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