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Model Surprises Qatar With Her Dressing At The World Cup

With Saudi Arabia getting a public holiday after historically defeating Messi's Argentina, Cristiano Ronaldo's fake penalty against Ghana, Japan trashing Germany, and Harry Maguire's spectacular World Cup performance alone, this World Cup is exceptional.

Taking a close look at one astounding news surrounding this on-going world cup in Qatar, Ivana Knoll, a croatian model, came all the way from the USA where she lives to Qatar to come support her nation, Croatia, but to our surprise, her fashion style and dressing were so hefty.

As you can see in the photos above and below, Ivana Knoll doesn't seem to be afraid of the Qatari rules and punishments because she looks happy in her outfit, which got everyone talking on social media. "This is a disaster, I feel sorry for all the people who can’t go to the World Cup because of the worst organization in history. My entourage didn’t get a Hayya card even after 20 days, even though they have all the tickets to the final," Though she's moving freely in Qatar, she still sees this World Cup as a disaster. Earlier this week, a fan recorded and uploaded a video of Ivana Knoll at one of these matches where she wanted to support Crotia in her fitting outfit, and so far, so good, that video has over 20 million views on just tiktok, and people weren't just watching because of her body but rather, her bravery.

Even the UK travel agency warned its citizens by saying, "Women must cover their shoulders and avoid wearing short skirts," the advisory states. "Both men and women are advised not to wear shorts or sleeveless tops when going to government buildings, health care facilities, or malls." If you do not dress modestly, you may be asked to leave or be denied entry to these locations.

We all know Qatar has warned visitors not to dress indecently or go against their rules, but do you think Ivana Knoll should be arrested for her indecent dress or should she be left alone to move freely since it's her body even though she's in a Muslim country?

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