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No Ronaldo. Top 5 players with most trophies in football history.

Football started in the 1800s and since then, the major aim or goal for this sports is to win a trophy at the end of a season. Whilst the most decorated football player is Pedro Rodriquez, he isn't the one with most trophies. All the top 5 players with most trophies in the history of the game so far have once played for the catalan club, Barcelona. 

They are: Dani Alves with 41 trophies; Andres Iniesta with 39 trophies; Leo Messi with 37 trophies; Maxwell with 37 trophies; Gerrard Pique with 36 trophies. What an incredible career for these footballers. This is absolutely amazing and looking at the list, 3 of them are still playing active football which means with effort and determination, they can increase their tally.

Many footballers such as Zlatan and Ronaldo are yet to achieve this feet although they have equally done well. Messi will definitely add some trophies to his tally.

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