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Checkout the transfer market of Bayern Munich

Coman aside, but I am extremely worried about the way we handle all these negotiations.

— We are very slow in negotiations. We take so much time to extend with our very own players. We took months to extend with Neuer and even created drama when *someone* leaked his contract details to the media. The same happened with Alaba, who at the end left. The same is happening with players like Goretzka, Coman, Süle etc. 

Although Süle & Coman would generate money if they left, for me, the root of the problem is something else.

— Our wage structure.

It is slowly becoming a pattern that the players eventually demand much higher money. First Neuer, Alaba, Coman. There will be more. Because if you think about it, Costa was paid 11m€ for doing nothing, Fiete Arp is being paid 5m€ a year for being utterly disappointing for the amateur team, he has eaten up 15m€ of the wage structure already in his 3 seasons stay here. And if these things happen over and over again, you shouldn't blame our players if they also demand higher money and become 'greedy'. In comparison, if Costa of all people earns 11m€, Coman would also start to demand money and rightfully so in that regard. (He doesn't deserve 17-18m€ anyway)

These are our very two problems which genuinely concern me. We are too slow in negotiations, our wage structure is bad. 

Because if you claim to have corona but make ridiculous transfers and pay some players carelessly, our very own players will get mad too. 

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