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NSMQ2020:Adisadel College Came from behind to qualify for the final, Achimota and Keta SHTS exit.

Adisadel College has emerged as the winners of the second semi-final contest of the ongoing National Science and Maths Quiz that featured Achimota School and Keta Senior High Technical School.

The contest started slowly as the schools struggled to pick points from all the rounds in the competition.

This is how the schoos performed in all the 5 rounds.

End of Round 1:

Keta SHTS: 13 points

Achimota School: 11 points

Adisadel College: 10 points

At the end of round 1 Adisadel College were trailing, Keta SHTS and Achimota School.

The second took off with a lot of expectations from the fans of Adisadel College, Achimota school and Keta SHTS. However the performances was not as expected as very little points were added to the tallies.

End of Round 2:

Adisadel College: 17 points

Keta SHTS: 13 points

Achimota School: 07 points

At the end of that round, Adisadel College Caimed the first spot followed by Keta SHTS and Achimota School dropped to the bottom.

Round 3 began with the problem of the day where each school had to present a solution to a given question for points. At the end of Achimota School scored 3/10, Keta SHTS scored 2/10 and Adisadel College abysmally scored nothing 0/10. 

End of Round 3:

Adisadel College: 17 points

Keta SHTS: 15 points

Achimota School: 10 points

Adisadel lead the log with 17points, followed by Keta SHTS with 15 points and Achimota with 10 points.

Next round began with true or false questions.

End of Round 4:

Adisadel College: 18 points

Achimota School: 14 points

Keta SHTS: 13 points

Round 5 was very interesting one, each of the three school could win the tie with such close scores. At a point Achimota looked like they were going to win it. Keta SHTS also pulled their heads at a point and appeared to be in the lead. However, the shock came from Adisadel College, who answered the last question of the day to gain the neccessary points to overturn the table in their favour. Achimota School and Keta SHTS lost out.

End of round 5:

Adisadel College: 21 points

Achimota School: 20 points

Keta SHTS: 17 points

Adisadel College has become the second finalist of the day. Best wishes to the Adisco boys in the finals of the competition.

Stay in touch for updates on the last semi final contest. Thank you. 

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