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Irresponsible, lies, ignorance and disrespectful- GFA angrily respond to South Africa allegations

South Africa Football Association lodged a compliant to organisers and governing body of football FIFA about outcome of their match against Ghana.

The Bafana Bafana boys suspects foul play with regards to the Referee after he awarded a penalty to the home side on Sunday at the Cape Cost Sports Stadium.

SAFA is seeking for a replay of the game which they believe they can overturn the results.

FIFA acknowledged the receipt of the complaint and has tasked the Ghana Football Association to respond with any evidence by Saturday if they have.

However, the Ghana football association has furiously responded to the complaint by SAFA in a press statement released by the Ghana Football Association.

They refer the behavior of the South Africans as irresponsible, lies and disrespectful to Ghana football.

In the press statement, the GFA stated that " Thus, the SAFA started creating a foundation for a mountain of lies even before the game day itself.

Out of respect and sportsmanship, the Ghana Football Association kept its focus on the match itself unlike our colleagues at SAFA. Then again, these allegations cast a doubt on the good job done by the officials of the South African Embassy in Ghana. In fact, FIFA and its regulations does not allow any team to travel on road for six (6) hours or nine (9) hours within a country. One may ask, why didn’t the SAFA report this to FIFA or CAF. (The FIFA standard is 200 km warrant a flight).

Even though we believe that it is within the South African Football Association’s right to call for investigation, if they feel that certain factors contributed to their loss, we wish to state that the way and manner lies, and allegations have been thrown into the public space has been very irresponsible leading to injury and violence.

We wish to state categorically that the allegations are frivolous, baseless and lacks merits and should be treated with all the contempt that it deserves. These allegations from South Africa Football Association are nothing but a planned scheme and a calculated attempt to shift focus from the defeat, divert attention from their failure to qualify for the play-offs and unjustly dent the hard-earned victory of the Black Stars.

Is it not sad that even innocent Ball Boys (Ball Retrievers) were not spared in the allegations?

In fact, the Ghana Football Association will not allow the SAFA to visit its incompetence on it through these allegations. Is it not strange that the Coach of the South African National Team thought that FIFA will use Head-to-Head when two teams end the group stage with the same number of points and had to be corrected by the media? The South African team actually thought Ghana needed a 2-0 margin to qualify when Ghana needed any win to qualify per the FIFA Regulations on the qualifiers."

The GFA also added" The GFA wishes to state clearly that we will always operate within the FIFA Regulations and focus on our next match which is a play-off against any of the qualified teams we may be paired against.

The full statement is available on the Ghana Football Association official website.

Thank you for reading.

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