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5 Secret Rituals Cristiano Ronaldo Does In Every Match He Plays

Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't stop breaking records.Tell me in the comments, which Cristiano Ronaldo's made you choose him over Lionel Messi?

Cristiano Ronaldo really goes through allot to stay consistent because, he has a lot of competitors today catch up with.I will be telling you some secret rituals that Cristiano Ronaldo makes in most Matches.

Don't get twisted, Cristiano Ronaldo won't be bringing powder or any fishy thing on the pitch. What I mean by rituals is, some secret things he does to make him be at the top always. I've already told you about some rituals he does when he Is at home but now, let see what goes on with him when he's on the pitch too.

Cristiano, in every match if you have noticed, gets into the pitch with his right foot. Some players touch the pitch before entering, others pray before entering but, Cristiano Ronaldo steps on the pitch with his right foot because, he believes when we enter a place with our right foot, good luck always comes to us.Do you believe in this right foot mystery?

2. Luck In his shin guards: I know you might be hoping to see CR7 on his shin guards like you see on his boots but, you might be wrong because, on Ronaldo's shin guards, all you will see is a picture of his family. It wasn't really known until he started playing for Manchester United after years of his departure. Cristiano Ronaldo kisses his shin guards before and after matches, even when he loses a match.

3. His pose in his team pictures : Though few might notice this, many might not notice because, we don't really focus on the team pictures. Taking a close look at Cristiano Ronaldo in his previous team pictures, Cristiano Ronaldo tries to be taller in the pictures by standing on his tiptoes.Have you noticed that?

Though we might not really know why he does this, I guess he does this ritual to gain attention when someone is taking a look at his team's pictures.Why do you think he does this?

We've talked about the rituals he does on the pitch, but now, let's see if we can find some off the pitch.

4. Eye on trophy only Ritual:

Though this might sound complicated, but Cristiano Ronaldo once said in one of his interviews that, if he gets the chance to see trophies before winning them, he doesn't touch them because he believes if he touches them, it would bring bad luck to the team.

5. Booking VIP Seats: Cristiano Ronaldo is given special seats in almost every event he attends but, Cristiano Ronaldo also gets a VIP seat even when he is with his team. In his team bus, Cristiano Ronaldo seats at the last row in the bus. If you have doubts, have you wondered why Ronaldo always comes out of the bus last?

Even in the airplanes, Cristiano Ronaldo gets a VIP seat but, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't sit alone in the planes like how he does in the buses but, he seats with Pepe mostly when he is being called up to the national team. Don't forget to answer the question I asked you saying, tell me why did you choose Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi?

What if Pepe isn't called to the national team, who would Cristiano Ronaldo sit with?

Which ritual here surprised you?

Thanks for your time.As always" we see differently"

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