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Top 5 Footballers Who Have Received Highest Number Of Red Cards- Sergio Ramos And Others

In the world of football, offences are bound to okay but some have converted it into football into wrestling, in that they have gotten several red cards throughout their careers.

5 Top Players who have been red-carded several times are:

#5. Paolo Montero- 21 Career Red Cards

This player has quoted that he has to do anything to win and that his is nature. He held fast to that word and has gotten several red cards, meaning he has been dismissed on several occasions in the Serie A league.

#4. Alexis Ruano Delgado - 22 Career Red Cards 

Delgado is somewhat a renowned wrestler in football because he has fought several times with players and that has earned him several dismissal.

#3. Sergio Ramos - 25 career red cards

Sergio has the record of highest red cards in La Liga. In fact to surprise you, he has gotten 5 red cards in El Classico matches with Barcelona, that shows the higher number of red cards.

#2. Cyril Rool - 27 career red cards

Hilariously this guy is more experienced in wrestling with players on the field from the number of red cards he has ever received.

#1. Gerardo Bedoya - 46 career red cards

The brawling midfielder almost made it to a half-century of red cards for further kicking injured players in the face. Yah, seriously.

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