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Break Down Of 'Agency Call Up' In Black Stars

Deep down memory lane, almost all Black Stars call ups have been met with some resentment, with many accusing the coach at the time of ‘agency’ call up. In the midst of accusations, not a single evidence has been adduced to expose those individuals behind it. Milovan Rajevac’s maiden call up was not exempted from the dilemma of agency call up. 

A break down of ‘agency’ call up is simply explained as a collaborative effort between a coach and a company/agency, where player invitation into the Senior National team could be influenced or manipulated by the said agency. The company, which is believed to be working hand in hand with the coach, mostly manages players and the coach. 

Since the agency is in charge of those players and probably the coach, the company is likely to table some names to the coach for invite. There are immense benefits which could go the way of all parties. 

From time past, when a Black Stars call up is announced, some players are usually pointed towards a particular company or agency. What makes it feasible for sports pundits and football loving fans to come up with that tag is the performance of the that particular player(s). 

When a new player earns an invite into the National team without proving his worth at club level, such a player is likely to be associated with an agency. It is for fact Senior National team call up must be based on meritocracy. Players that are actively playing for their clubs are aggregated at the National side to undertake an assignment. So once a player comes without having to play regularly for his mother club, it raises eyebrows. 

Also, a player who comes to the Senior National team regularly without playing is put in the frame of agency call up. Earning regular Black Stars invite but takes no active part in Black Stars matches will result in this tag. 

If in the last five matches, for instance, a player gets Black Stars call up but continues to warm the bench, such a player will definitely fall under agency call up. 

It is anticipated that this tag or accusation will never fade away in the foreseeable future. As coaches are hired to be fired, so will agency call ups smear invitations. 

Until hard core evidence is put forward, the tag or accusation lingers on the lips of many football enthusiasts. Time can only vindicate the truth.

Content created and supplied by: Abdul-Jalilu (via Opera News )

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