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Five (5) World Class Footballers Without Tattoos.

Football players in today's world have almost turned the art of tattoos into a tradition in the round-leather game. 

However, there are still five outstanding football stars, considering the large pool of players sporting varying degrees of tattoos, who have not joined the bandwagon of tattoo sporting players (or not visible). 

In having their bodies tattooed, this collection of footballers are uncompromising and their basis for opting out of the 'tattoo craze' will tickle your fancy.

Here are the five players without any form of tattoos

5. N'Golo Kanté

Despite the catalogue of accomplishments he has recorded in recent times, France and Chelsea midfielder remain a humble footballer player. 

Kante opted for a low-key life in an age where football players flaunt their costly possessions. 

The Frenchman showing his body or money off the pitch is very hard to see. To say the least, seeing Kante in a tattoo shop is going to be among the wonders of the century.

4. Andres Iniesta

Former Barcelona captain Andres Iniesta has played 674 times for the Nou Camp outfit. 

Iniesta won 32 trophies during his 22-year stay at the Spanish giants and ranks among the club's greatest players. 

However, one surprising feature of the 34-year-old, considering his overwhelming success in the round-leather game, is his decision not to wear tattoos or earrings.

3. Mohamed Salah

Another top player who is not ready for the tattoo hype is Egypt and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah. 

Speaking of his likes and dislikes, the Egyptian who last campaign emerged as the top striker in the Premier League said, "I don't have tattoos, I don't alter hairstyles, I don't know how to dance." I really want to be able to play football.

2 . David Luiz

Like other South Americans, Chelsea and Brazil international David Luiz is a devout Catholic. Kaka wears no sort of tattoo for the Brazilian, who followed the path of a compatriot and former World Best Player. 

Luiz was the only player in the Selecao during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, starting 11 players facing Croatia's Blazers at Itaquera Arena, on June 12, 2014, that did not bear a tattoo.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo, the fifth best player in the world, is the fifth pick who isn't crazy about getting a tattoo. 

The Portuguese star, speaking about the reasons why he still keeps his body without tattoos, revealed his passion for helping humanities. 

Ronaldo said, "I don't have tattoos because I donate blood very much," even as the process was clarified.

"It costs nothing," he stated. The Juventus forward noted, before disclosing why he became a bone marrow donor, "It is a easy process and then you feel good because you know you are helping another human."

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