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Lionel Messi reveals the mystery behind his iconic goal celebration.

During the 90 minutes of infield football during every match, fans don't only look out for the the activities that go on around the ball, such as dribbles, passes, shots, tackles, saves, interceptions, positioning etc. Although these form the core of the game, fans very much anticipate activities that occur outside this spectrum and one of the most enjoyed of such activities is the goal celebration. Fans pay very close attention to how their players celebrate whenever they score, but for some of the players, they're not just a celebrations.

Some players, whenever the score, just run to the front of their fans jubilating but others don't usually do that. Some players have signature celebrations which sometimes have very interesting stories behind them. However, not all signature celebrations have stories behind them, some are just dances and acrobatics but other goal celebrations are prayers, statements etc. Notable among such goal celebrations are those of Lionel Messi and his dear friend, Luis Suarez.

On the note of Lionel Messi, it's often to see him point the index finger of each of his hands, alongside his face, in the direction of the sky. Many critics have given this goal celebration several meanings but Messi himself has revealed what it actually means. He said;

"I do this because I dedicate my goals to my grandmother. She took me to football, but now she can't see how far I have come. Nevertheless, she continues to help my family and I".

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