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Meet The 2 Greatest Footballers Of All Time, Messi And Ronaldo With Their Car Collections

Football is brimming with numerous effective people, however two individuals are exceptional and that is the reason they are being alluded to as the best footballer ever. Ronaldo and Messi are two incredible players that their set of experiences can never be deleted in the sport of football. They are both rich and the two of them have great preference for intriguing vehicles. 

This is the reason I will discuss the vehicles these two people have in their carport and what those vehicles set them back. 

Lionel Messi's vehicle assortment; 

1. The exemplary Ferrari 335 S bug Scaglietti, otherwise called "skipping pony of 1957: It's the most costly and the most dashing vehicle in MESSI'S vehicle as it is said to worth $37,000,000= 14,098,000,000.00. 

2. Audi care: Audi Cars have been supporting Barcelona for a long time, that is the reason the vast majority of Barcelona's players are for the most part seen with Audi Cars. 

Messi has 4 Audi vehicles and they are; 

Audi RS6: it cost $108,000. 

Audi Q7: it cost about $69,200. 

Audi Q7: it cost about $54,590. 

3.Pagani Zonda Tricolored: Pagani Tricolore is the hottest vehicle in his assortment and furthermore perhaps the quickest vehicle on the planet, the vehicle costs $2,000,000. 

4. Mercedes SLS AMG: This additionally another fascinating magnificence in the carport of the best footballer, the vehicle is tasteful and lively. It cost about $642,490. 

5. Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale: This vehicle has robotized manual transmission It cost about $240,100. 

6. Ferrari F430 Spyder: it is one of MESSI'S best execution vehicles as he is seen more often than not with this vehicle, it cost about $164,470. 

7. Reach Rover: He possesses two Range meanderers 

Reach Rover Vogue: it costs $200,000 

Reach Rover Sports: $69,500. 

8. Cadillac Escalade: this is his last vehicle that cost about $75,190 

9. Ferrari F430 Spider, £173,000 

10. Small scale Cooper: it cost him $15,000 

11. Audi R8 Spyder, £118,000. 

12. Avoid charger SRT8: It cost £45,000 

13: Toyota Prius: £27,000. 

The absolute assortments of Messi's vehicle are $50million. 

Cristiano Ronaldo vehicles Collections. 

1. Bugatti Chiron: This Bugatti is the quickest and generally incredible of every one of Bugatti's Products. It's said to worth $4.7millions. 

2. Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 

This is the expansion of another expedient vehicle to his carport, with 350 km/h maximum velocity, the Aventador goes from 0-100 km/h at 2.9 seconds. It cost him $340,000. 

3. BMW M6: He purchased this when he was all the while playing for Manchester United in 2006. The vehicle's worth is $102,000. 

4. Bentley GT SPEED: It worth $95,900. 

5. ASTON MARTON DB9: worth $200,000 


6. Audi R8: it worth $150, 000. 

7. The Ferraris: It incorporates 599 GTO (costs $385,000), 

8. Ferrari f12 tdf costs $(697,000) 

9. Ferrari GTB Fiorano ( cost $310,000)

10. Moves Royce Phantom expense him $400,000 

11. Moves Royce phantom $426,805. 


12. Maserati Grancabrio: cost $140,000 

13. Koenigsegg CCX 11 2009. It cost $98,000. 

14. Audi vehicle: He likewise has heaps of Audi vehicles actually like Messi, Real Madrid is additionally supported by Audi. This is Ronaldo's Audi vehicle; 

I. RS6 Avant 201, 

II.Audi RS6($108,000) 

III. R Audi R8 

15. Bugatti La Voiture Noire: it cost $18.7million= #7.1billion. 

Ronaldo's vehicle assortment is $34million.

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